Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mumbai meri jaan!

I've started to get orders to make Maharashtrian dishes. I love it . They are simple and yet very tasty. I am up for anything which reminds me of 'Amchi Mumbai'. Though, I lived there only for 2 yrs, I am so attached to that place. It has a charm, its fast paced life, the people, their attitude is just amazing. So many are amazed that I love Bombay, even though I was born and brought up in Madras. Yes, I know, I like Madras better than Chennai! Coming back to what I was saying, I felt free coming to Mumbai from Madras. There was no eve-teasing whatsoever. What a relief and no fights with auto driver, heavenly chat and the neighbors don't gossip! What more do you want for person who wants to roam free! I love the train commutes. Even though I wasn't working when was there, I wish I was seeing the train culture. It had a life of its own. What all happens in Mumbai trains. There are so many things one has to learn from the people of Mumbai. Those who complain haven't seen the place with an open eye. The train scenario itself has its own community feel, from the bhajan group to the cards playing group. Great place to 'People watch'. There are these reasons and more why I love Mumbai!
Yehi hai mumbai meri jaan!........

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